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I have read that learning to meditate is one of those skills that can enhance your life, bring you peace within your body and mind, help you sleep better and help you process your problems. I have tried to master the skill of meditation on numerous occasions, and I have always reached about 30 days and felt that I was going nowhere fast. My mind never settled, I felt anxious that I wasn’t “getting it”, and I think the bottom line is that I was simply just trying too hard.

I have now been meditating every day for the last 60 days, and I feel that I am getting there. This week, something just “clicked” and I thought I would share with you my learnings so far.

Find an app or programme that suits your personality

As I spent time exploring the app, I discovered a “30-day meditation programme” which is presented by a guy called Jeff Warren. Jeff has my sense of humour, he is not all “woo woo”, and uses common sense. It’s not all about breathing and body sweeps — he talks about things like “pretend to be Fonzie from Happy Days and be “Cool / just chill”. He gives real-life examples of how mediation can help in the real world which made me embrace meditation rather than fight it.

You don’t have to close your eyes

Always wear earphones

Figure out your home base and use the labelling technique

Accept that your mind will be active

I can’t still for very long

Overemphasis on the breath is not necessary


Will I continue with these daily practices? I hope so.

Originally published at https://www.adventuregeek.co.uk on December 8, 2020.

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